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Job Vacancy: “Cell Therapy Production Manager”

JOB VACANCY: “Cell Therapy Production Manager”


The Institute of Cell Therapy ( of the University Research Center of the University of Patras ( is looking for a Production Manager for the GMP Laboratory “Dimitris Lois” (


Required qualifications:

  • Degree holder in one of: pharmacy, medicine, veterinary medicine, chemistry, medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical technology, biology.
  • At least two years of practical experience in one or more companies that have a production license, in activities in the field of qualitative analysis of medicines, quantitative analysis of active substances, as well as tests and verifications necessary to ensure the quality of medicines. The duration of the practical experience may be reduced by one year if the university cycle lasts at least five years, and by one and a half years if this cycle lasts at least six years


Desired qualifications:

  • Training certificate or recognized experience (doctorate, postdoc) in a laboratory for the production of cellular and preferably also genetically modified cellular products
  • Practical experience in a Foundation/Institute or Company producing “advanced technology medicines” (ATMP)



Based on qualifications, experience and adjusted to faculty member salary


Development possibilities:

Possibility of development to a faculty member after evaluation for a named appointment at the University of Patras



  • Manages the production monitoring program and ensures the daily smooth operation of the production area
  • Coordinates, supervises and evaluates production personnel, conducts final product quality control.
  • Participates in the design, licensing by competent bodies and the production of new products
  • Actively involved in the postgraduate study program Msc Cell and Gene Therapies (


Professor A. Spyridonidis, (Mr. Tsima Secretary:

Dir. Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit PGN Patras,

Dir. Institute of Cellular Treatments and Donor Center KEDMOP,

Dir. MSc Cell and Gene Therapies,

EBMT, Co-Leader RIC Committee Acute Leukemia WP, JACIE Inspector,,,,

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