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Pioneering cell therapies from the Institute of Cell Therapy are becoming a reality

The “Dimitris Lois” Institute of Cell Therapy (ICT), University Center for Research and Innovation, University of Patras, is pleased to announce the successful implementation of an innovative cell therapy of academic origin for the first time in Patras, both in our region and and at the national level. This historic achievement is a significant step forward in the field of translational medical research, highlighting our commitment to advancing the practice of medicine and delivering advanced cell therapies focused on the health of our patients.

The first infusion of this treatment (iG-Tregs) into a patient was successfully carried out by the team of scientists at the Institute of Cell Therapies in the context of an active clinical study approved by the National Organisation for Medicines (EOF) (EudraCT code 2021-006367-26).

This treatment is intended to prevent a fatal complication of allogeneic bone marrow transplantation, Graft-versus-Host Disease. In this disease, graft cells (from the donor) intended to eliminate Leukemic stem cells (from the patient), eventually recognize the patient’s tissues as foreign, launching an attack through an immune response. Therefore, iG-Tregs aim to “tame” the donor cells acting against the patient thus preventing the occurrence of this complication.

The clinical protocol has recently been published, after a review, in the scientific journal “Frontiers in Medicine” in the special issue “Rising Stars in Hematology: 2022” with the title: “Study Protocol: Phase I/II Trial of Induced HLA–G+ Regulatory T Cells in Patients Undergoing Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation from an HLA–Matched Sibling Donor.” In just the first four (4) months since publication, our publication has attracted >1250 reads, >250 downloads, and has been cited by one (1) other publication in a high impact journal.

ICT expresses its sincere thanks to the team of scientists, collaborators, all those who supported this success and above all to our patients and their families. Finally, ICT expresses its commitment to promote research and the development of new treatments, with the aim of improving the health and quality of life of our patients.

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